ŠKODA Genuine Parts

Every ŠKODA constitutes of thousands of parts, which work in perfect harmony to deliver high performance.

Counterfeit parts may come at a cheap price but they have the potential to damage our cars in the long run. These parts are unreliable as they fail to deliver the same high-level quality that make our cars impeccable.

ŠKODA genuine parts undergo rigorous quality check and inspections. They are designed and developed to perfectly match each and every vehicle's requirement.

In terms of pricing, ŠKODA Genuine parts offer outstanding value for the price you pay which is demonstrated by their performance and longevity. ŠKODA Genuine parts are available at your nearest ŠKODA authorized dealer workshops.

What are the main benefits of ŠKODA genuine parts?

ŠKODA Genuine Brake Pads?

ŠKODA Genuine Filters?

ŠKODA Genuine Filters?

ŠKODA Genuine Belts and Pulleys?

ŠKODA Genuine Body Parts?

ŠKODA Genuine Wipers?

ŠKODA Genuine Spark and Glow Plugs?

ŠKODA Genuine Shock Absorbers?

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